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Fresnell Diffraction Graph

Physics bottom text

x-axis is in meters, so it goes from -3cm to 3cm, modelling the diffraction you'd see from the Fresnell(?) effect on a plate far away. imagine the height here is brightness, and the slit is exactly as many meters wide at any point as that number in the corner. As you expand the aperture the width of the central maximum shrinks as the diffraction effects go away.


I'm modeling shrinking it by about 1/1000th of an inch since the variable optical slits in the lab are in INCHES for some god forsaken reason. The actual number displayed on the graph is in meters, though I should probably have converted it to millimeters for readability

You get a really wide spread with a small point, since it acts like a point source and converts the plane waves of the laser used in the optical experiment into something like spherical waves, which spread out massively even from a single point. This isn't quite the same effect as in the famous double slit experiment, because I'm pretty sure that would give you brighter secondary and tertiary maxima.

04 Mar -24

Radio Show!!!

Hello one and all! I do a radio show from 2-4 every thursday, and you can click right here to listen to the web stream! I might not be doing it too long, as I'm planning to move to FM radio at some point when I get cleared to, but for now we're a web show and can do and say whatever we like! My show, 480 Volts, plays mostly electronic music with the occasional one-off specialty show for flavor. Additionally, from now on I'll be posting my setlists in the Radio section of my Music Page. The last two week's shows are both there already so go on aand take a look!

14 Feb -24

Year Wrap Up!

I dunno if anyone checks this site frequently enough to wonder what I've been up to, but I'll try and give a fun little recap of things ive done this past year, though there arent very many of them. First of all, I think this marks roughly eight or nine months of this website! Go me! Here's to many many more times. I've had an eventful year, a long year, an exhausting year frankly. It is my year of recovery. My year of love and self and internalization you know? Join me next year for projects and such! Art!

24 Dec -23


I forgort to do any updates to this site in like four months because of college. It does only feel like its been like a month or less though which is kind of uh bad yknow. Also every single date on the page was wrong. Like by a whole year. I kind of forgot 2022 happened at all there LOL


Anyway now that the semester is over I feel like I can finally take a little break and just enjoy things. I've heard this year's usually bad though so expect me to drop off the face of the earth again in mid January haha. Hey who knows maybe THE HORRORS won't get me this time!


19 Dec -23

Video Essays

I fucking love video essays it'll be like hey where are copypastas from and they'll flash back to the invention of the Graphical User Interface and you're like OK! HELLA! HELL YES! Like genuinely they're so good!

Additionally, Like, just as a more dedicated and fully formed Thought on this I really do like how video essays have proliferated and become a genuine medium of information exchange and art in their own ways. The various styles from Direct-to-Camera speaking, to the other kinda of more avatar based ones or ones where the speaker is less of a figure in the video and more of a narrator, more akin to some nature or historical documentaries. The latter ones have so many different kinds too, the black background with layered visuals is one I'm a personal fan of (seen here and here). It has a simple charm, especially when the images and .gifs get more and more layered over time as in the second example. I'm just a sucker for visual noise! additionally I really gotta say I'm a big fan of the retro revival styles seen in a lot of more recent stuff, especially Captain KRB, who I linked to earlier, and Means TV's Preserving Worlds.

Hey all! I'll be posting more sporadic shortform content on this section of my main page from now on. Dont worry, the blogs arent gone, no not by a long shot, I just want a place to archive and save, well, dumb thoughts I've had throughout time. Also additional update I have changed the color of text on the site from pink to this basically just to help with readability because it was kind of dogshit even for me to read and my color perception isnt that bad so imagine how much worse it'd be for anyone else.I also changed the background color.

04 Aug -23


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02 Aug -23

Posting has moved!

Now, posts to the blog here will be posted to the BLOGS page, with the newest entry linked up top!

This formatting should keep any page on the site form getting to long. I wanna do that for both organization purposes but also so that people don't have to load tons of shit every time they load my site. yknow apart from all the crap I cover it in. And always remember, If your cat changes color, leave soon!



I HAVE MADE A FUCKING ALBUM It is out now it is available for download you can take it you can sample eat edit rip up record share stream live consume digest now live now live now!!!!

shoutout to the many fans and friends who made this jurney possibel